Therapy and Counseling services in Eugene

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Individual Counseling

Individual counseling is also known as psychotherapy or talk therapy. It usually involves a one-on-one session between the client and their therapist.

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Couples Counseling

During Couples counseling, we observe how the pair interact and express their emotions. This helps us in guiding the couple towards their goals and.

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Children's Counseling

This particular approach to therapy and counseling allows both a parent and therapist to focus on the client to help them overcome obstacles.

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Counseling in Lane County

Have you been wondering is there a therapist near me that actually accepts new clients? Online therapy eliminates the need to travel and makes it easier to find a therapist. It is also known as telehealth and allows us to offer vital counseling services to those who require them.

We aim to be accessible for everyone who seeks our assistance. Therefore, we offer distance counseling to anyone in Oregon with Pacific Source OHP or Trillium OHP insurance. We can also work for Oregon Health Plan open card members. We serve the Eugene, Springfield, Harrisburg, Creswell, Junction City, Oakridge, Florence, Bend, Portland, and Salem areas.

What is EMDR Therapy?

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR) is practical, well-researched psychotherapy. It is a highly effective therapy to help overcome traumas and other distressing life events such as anxiety, depression, and panic disorder.

We offer EMDR Therapy in our office and online because of its many benefits. This therapy is best for those suffering from trauma related symptoms. EMDRIA certified therapists can help people suffering from PTSD, anxiety, self-esteem problems, or other symptoms to find relief. It can also help with chronic pain. 

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EMDR Therapy is most effective when combined with other treatments such as talk therapy. As a result, some people who have gone through EMDR therapy can partially eliminate their PTSD symptoms. And sometimes, others overcome them completely.

After an EMDR session, the client should feel more confident about the past and be able to center themselves when feeling emotionally upset or overwhelmed.

Positive Psychology

Most of us sometimes get to a point where we think, is there some counseling near me? That is an excellent way of coping with stressors. Looking for help is a great place to start, and you can develop yourself into whoever you would like to be at any given moment. We craft and make ourselves all the time through our actions and choices.

Evidence Based Practice like Positive Psychology harnesses this gift and presents the idea that we can change how we interact with ourselves. Do you have a minute to invest in your well-being? If so, please watch the video; it’s all about perspectives. 

Constructive Marriage Counseling

One form of couples counseling is marriage counseling. It is a specialized type of therapy that assists partners in resolving conflict and identifying their strengths and problems. Therapists may be able to help partners with a specific topic. Sometimes, they can help their partners tackle a particular issue.

Although it might seem unlikely, therapy can be beneficial for even happy couples. Our treatment focuses on improving the chemistry between spouses and couples. As licensed counselors and therapists, we help married couples and unmarried partners achieve success in their relationships.

Therapy is often needed to solve problems in couples. Counselors hope that couples will feel happier and more fulfilled after the treatment. We are available to provide couples counseling or marriage counseling.

We can help you learn and improve your skills. We can all work together to understand and meet our partner’s needs. Understanding and supporting your partner’s needs can make relationships more satisfying. Moreover, it can help you and your partner be more loving and healthy.

Local Counselors from Eugene

Our practice in Eugene offers a healing environment for both Psychotherapists and Clients. We offer continued education and support Counselors or Therapists to increase their knowledge and skills in the counseling field.

Our office is being lead by professional therapists, they form our values. We listen to their ideas and needs. After all, it is their expertise and experiences that assist clients in need with recovery and growth.

We are inviting others into the field of counseling. Our clients can expect the best from our capable team of unique counselors. We really want you to be or get well and we are willing to work around the clock to help you. Please click on the link and take a minute to review their bio and certifications.

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A Picture of Licensed Professional Counselor and EMDR Supervisor Desiree Dalkiran

Desiree A. Dalkiran

Licensed Professional Counselor

A headshot of Licensed Professional Counselor Intern Sarah Catherine Golden

Sarah Catherine Golden

Licensed Professional Counselor

A headshot of Licensed Professional Counselor Intern Sierra Voigt

Sierra M. Voigt

Licensed Professional Counselor

A headshot of Licensed Professional Counselor Registered Associate Molly Richards

Molly Richards

Registered Associate

Licensed Professional Counselor Sir Aaron Mason

Sir Aaron Mason

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Mental health therapist and counselor Katrina Jones professional profile image at our clinic

Katrina Jones

Registered Associate

Licensed Mental Health Therapist and Counselor Associate Rebecca Plant

Rebecca Plant

Registered Associate

Licensed Professional Counselor Beth Halverson

Beth Halverson

Licensed Professional Counselor

Experienced Admin Assistant at Edify Therapy – Compassionate Mental Health Support Team

Sidney Carr

Administrative Assistant

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

CBT, also known as Cognitive Behavioral therapy, combines two types of treatments to create one. This unique combination makes it easier to help people with their mental health journeys. What are the two types of CBT? These two types of therapy are referred to as Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy.

A cognitive or mental approach is used to address the client’s negative thoughts patterns. A behavioral or action related process addresses the client’s particular habits and problems. Together, the therapist and client will break bad habits and develop good new ones. Something that can, for example, help reduce the symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder PTSD.

Anyone who is experiencing mental or physical problems may find CBT counseling helpful. These issues could be caused by Addiction, Anxiety, or an Eating Disorder. These experiences are all perfectly normal, and CBT can help. CBT can help clients identify and break bad habits they may have developed over time, regardless of where they are. 

Anyone unable to change a behavioral or cognitive pattern can benefit from CBT Counseling. This therapy works well in therapy sessions, but it also works in daily life. The relationship between emotion and body sensation can have a taxing effect on your daily lives, and CBT Counseling can

Frequently Asked Questions

People suffering from generalized anxiety disorder have excessive worry or anxiety symptoms for at least six months. They worry about everything, including their health, work, social interactions, and daily routine.
An anxiety attack can lead to significant problems in their lives, including school, social interactions, and work.

Psychotherapists have the expertise and experience to diagnose clients properly. Psychotherapists can, for example, recognize ADHD symptoms and anxiety symptoms.

Psychotherapists cannot prescribe medicine. Psychiatric doctors are medical professionals with the proper knowledge and expertise for prescribing medications.

Judging when to stop therapy is a straightforward process and natural thing to do because you feel it. It's that moment when it's time for treatment again, and you think, "huh, I'm seeing my therapist again already? I have no idea what to talk about." Typically this transition means we space out the time between sessions to go into more of a maintenance schedule to gain confidence that you really got this. You can do this on your own. Once that confidence is built, we are ready for discharge.

What happens in psychotherapy is very subjective as it is influenced by the interaction of what you are bringing to the table and your therapist's skills and knowledge. For all clients, we focus on exercising positive emotion centers of the brain and identifying strengths, creating stability in the here and now, reducing anxiety about future events, and healing the past.

Most people benefit from therapy once a week. We require once a week initially because this frequency is essential in building a trusting relationship between you and your therapist so the hard work can be done. Some people need to meet more frequently to help with forming stability. As progress is made and we can enter into a maintenance schedule, once every other week or once a month becomes feasible. Medicaid requires clients seen at least once every 30 days, and we have adopted this policy for all of our clients.

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The first page of HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices which describes the measures taken to secure the data of our therapy or counseling seeking clients.
The second page of HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices which describes the measures taken to secure the data of our therapy or counseling seeking clients.